John Assaraf Winning the Game of Weight Loss Tips and Strategies

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Weight loss is an ongoing challenge for many people every single day. I have been up and down with my own weight over the years. Recently, I watched a free training by John Assaraf in which he says, weight loss or fat loss as he refers to it, is all in your head.

His training covered a lot of good strategies for releasing excess weight and keeping it off. Approaching 60 years old himself (as of this writing), John has managed to develop six-pack abs and has maintained a healthy weight for over a decade.

When you understand how much losing fat has to do with your mind, you can utilize strategies that get you to create long-term healthy habits. Read below for some of John Assaraf’s useful weight loss strategies.

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Weight Loss is All in Your Head

John Assaraf is a mindset and behavior expert. He states that weight loss (fat loss, his preferred term) is all in your head.

95% of all people who go on diets lose weight only to gain it all back. Why is that? It is because the initial decision for releasing weight is defective.

John says to focus on fat loss versus weight loss. If you think about it, changing the focus from weight to fat does make a difference mentally in how you go about achieving your fat loss goals.

When I think about weight, all I’m thinking about is the number on the scale. If I focus on losing fat, then I think about what actions I can take to burn fat.

Three Reasons Most People Want to Reduce or Eliminate Weight

According to John, the three reasons most people want to release weight include:

  • a reason
  • a season
  • or for a lifetime

A reason may be, “I want to fit into my wedding dress.” A season may be, “I want to lose weight before summer.” For a lifetime is just that, releasing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight for the long term.

If you’re wanting to shed excess pounds for a reason or a season, you may want to reset your expectations because chances are you’ll gain back all of the weight you’ve released.

The reason is that you cannot sustain the behaviors, thinking, and habits past the point of a reason or a season. This is also referred to as what’s commonly known as yo-yo dieting.

Releasing Weight for a Lifetime

Our brain has setpoints for different areas of our lives. The primary being a financial set point, relationship set point, and a weight loss set point.

For example, you may have thoughts on how a relationship with a significant other works. That would be a set point. Or you may believe that you are capable of making a set amount of income, that is a financial set point.

John recommends resetting your weight set point. The way he goes about this is by changing your self-image. Your subconscious mind has a self-image of yourself.

Your self-image creates the expectations you have right now at a subconscious level. John’s personal strategy involves writing a description of how he feels.

Then he takes a picture of his face and places it onto a new image of someone with the physique he wants to achieve. He then looks at the new image every single day to retrain his brain to have a new self-image with him in it.

Burning Fat

Next, what is the exercise plan you can do to burn excess fat? Remember, the focus is not on losing weight but rather on losing fat.

What physical activity can you do that will create the burning of fat as fuel? The key is to burn fat calories as much as we can in order to release fat and use fat as fuel.

There are all kinds of exercise routines that you can explore. Calisthenics, running, swimming, Zumba classes, or a combination of various activities.

I like to change up my workouts often to prevent boredom. I hardly go a day now without some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

Choosing exercise routines that you enjoy will help you to sustain an exercise plan for the long term.

What is the Food Plan You Can Start and Sustain Past the Point of Achieving Your Ideal Weight?

There are all types of food plans to choose from. You can focus on vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, and more. My favorite food plan is clean eating which is really about reducing carbohydrates from items such as bread, cakes, cookies, as well as refined sugar.

Think about the things you like to eat and find food plans that have healthy alternatives. There are ways to eat your favorite food without the extra fat, calories, cholesterol, and more.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding healthy recipe alternatives. If you want to cut back on your meat intake, there are a lot of vegan meat substitutes on the market now for beef and chicken.

Impossible Meat is one such option for those that enjoy beef but want to cut back. Explore the food options out there and the types of ways you can eat healthier.

Don’t think of it as not being able to eat your favorite foods, but rather finding healthier ways to prepare them.

Creating New Healthy Habits

One thing that John pointed out in this training is that anyone who joins any of his programs must commit to 100 days of a new behavior to build a foundation.

He points out that most people start strict diets for a week or two and they don’t sustain because their habits override the conscious decision-making ability.

Committing to 100 days helps us develop a habit that then develops us.

Getting Enough Sleep

Our hormones and stress are impacted by our sleep. If we don’t have proper sleep cycles (sleep regulates our brain, regulates our hormones) there’s a good chance that we may have elevated leptin levels. When leptin levels are high, our bodies tend to hold on to fat.

We must make sleep a part of our overall health & wellness plan. Stress reduction is another factor that is important to implement.

John says to do things that inspire you instead of expiring you. Proper sleep, meditation, exercise, and mindfulness are some of the things you can incorporate into your health & wellness plan.

Closing Thoughts

I think John covered some really helpful information for releasing weight. It all starts in our head so advice from a mindset and behavior expert like John Assaraf gives us a good place to start.

The tips and strategies above can help you get started on your own weight loss plan. Try committing to your new habits for 100 days.

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