John Assaraf Subconscious Mind VS Conscious Mind Explanation

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Your limiting self-beliefs are likely holding you back more than you even know. Limiting beliefs are held in our subconscious mind. Once you understand the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind, you can respond differently in order to achieve your goals.

John Assaraf gives an excellent explanation about the subconscious and conscious mind. He also has strategies to move past limiting beliefs. This is important when you have goals and dreams that you want to pursue.

Oftentimes, we hold ourselves back more than the obstacles that we come across when pursuing our goals. Let’s explore what we can do to overcome limiting self-beliefs.

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Conscious Brain vs Subconscious Brain

There are several differences between the conscious and subconscious brains. John points out some important differences. One of these is that the conscious brain is super slow. The conscious brain is where imagination resides.

It’s where thoughts and feelings emanate. When you set goals, daydream, etc., it’s happening in the conscious brain. If you also follow the work of Neville Goddard, you know that manifesting desires begin in the conscious mind.

The subconscious brain is super fast in comparison. It has 37 billion billion (not a typo) chemical reactions per second and is part of the autonomic nervous system. The subconscious is also where our limiting beliefs reside.

Neural Chaos

So how does our subconscious mind play a role in sabotaging our dreams and goals? John refers to it as neural chaos.

Neural chaos is essentially when part of the brain wants the dreams & goals and another part wants to fight against them. The conscious mind wants to achieve the goals you set. However, the subconscious mind holds limiting beliefs that fight against you.

For example, let’s say that your goal is to write a book. The book you want to write can help so many people and you have the knowledge and the knowhow to write an amazing book.

Yet, when you get started or even before you start, you feel defeated because you have a limiting belief emanating from your subconscious mind that says, “I’m not good enough.” or “I’m not smart enough.”

Therefore, you stop before you even start! It happens to all of us. That is neural chaos and a brain in chaos will almost always revert back to its current comfort zone.

This is a key factor to understand. It explains why you may have attempted things in the past only to never start or quit along the way.

The subconscious mind is powerful and when you learn to harness the power, it can work in your favor rather than against you.

Learn How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

We have many limiting beliefs that are held in our subconscious minds. The following strategy can help you get rid of your limiting beliefs. It’s a really simple and easy strategy to implement each time a limiting belief comes up for you.

The first thing to understand is that regardless of where our limiting beliefs have come from, they are part of our subconscious mind.

Many of our limiting beliefs may come from childhood or from a traumatic experience. Once we’ve developed these beliefs, a neural pathway (pattern) is created.

When we repeat the thought or the emotion associated with the limiting belief and we don’t follow through with the behaviors necessary to achieve a goal, it reinforces the neural pattern in the brain.

A belief is nothing more than cells I’ve connected that have been reinforced.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf’s Strategy for Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Take the limiting belief you have and write it down. After you have written it down, right after it, write, “In the past, I used to believe that [fill in your limiting belief]. And now I’m learning how to feel and be more than [fill in your limiting belief] to achieve my goals.

For example, let’s say your limiting belief is that you’re not good enough. It would look like this on your paper:

I’m not good enough.

In the past, I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough and now I’m learning how to feel and be more than good enough to achieve my goals.

John says this strategy provides a bridge for your brain between the limiting belief and what is true. Then your brain wants to find ways to help you accomplish your goals.

Elevate Your State of Awareness

What does it mean to elevate your state of awareness? It’s all too easy to move through life on autopilot. We get caught up in our day doing our daily tasks.

Many people (including myself) often live in a state of fight or flight. I grew up in a traumatic home for most of my childhood.

I often have to elevate my state of awareness so that I can get out of the fight or flight mode.

John’s strategy for elevating awareness is also simple and super easy to do. It involves a deep breathing technique that works as follows:

Stop and take six deep breaths. Breath in slowly through your nose and then exhale slowly through your mouth as if you are blowing through a straw.

Repeat that inhale/exhale pattern six times. This breathing technique counterbalances the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response) and reactivates the parasympathetic nervous system which is the calming response.

When you elevate your state of awareness, you can then set your intention, and take action on what it is that you want to do.

Closing Thoughts

Understanding the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind can make a difference in your ability to achieve your goals.

To recap, our conscious mind is where we establish our goals and dreams. It is where our imagination resides.

The subconscious mind is powerful but is also where we hold our limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is reinforced each time we repeat the thought, emotion, and don’t follow through on our goals.

Test out John’s strategies above for eliminating limiting beliefs. It’s a great start to helping you finally achieve your goals.

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