John Assaraf’s Brain Training to Make More Money

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Is it possible to train your brain to make more money? Oftentimes, it is our beliefs about money that limit us from making more of it. Fortunately, there is a way to train our brains to make more than we thought we could make.

In an interesting video training by John Assaraf, I learned a useful technique that I plan on implementing myself. Understanding how our brains work when it comes to beliefs, habits, and comfort zones can make a significant difference in achieving your goals.

Below, I will share what I learned about training the brain to make more money. Hopefully, these strategies will be of benefit to you as well.

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Financial Set Point

According to John, we have certain set points in our lives and financial stability is one of them. Are there money beliefs that you have that cause you to place a limit on how much you can earn?

Chances are that you may have one or several of these beliefs. As for myself, I can list a few beliefs that have limited me financially over the years.

Our beliefs affect our behavior which then creates habits. According to John, repetition of a pattern reinforces the pattern, and then the pattern reinforces itself.

In turn, our brains create comfort zones and our brains do everything to stay in these comfort zones.

Although we may want to step out of a comfort zone, our brains maintain these comfort zones in order to conserve energy.

Therefore, if you have a financial goal that is not in alignment with your beliefs, you will experience chaos in the form of procrastination or self-sabotage.

Strategies for Rewiring the Brain to Make More Money

If you are not familiar with John Assaraf’s background, he started out in real estate. He became extremely successful selling real estate and eventually grew a team of agents to earn millions of dollars in sales.

The strategies he shared played a big part in how these real estate agents were able to move past their limiting beliefs and begin selling more than they thought was possible.

Applying these same strategies is as follows:

Write Out a Vision of What You Want Your Life to Be

I’ve watched videos in the past of John sharing his vision for his life. It is something that he refers back to on a daily basis.

You can do the same by writing out in a journal or typing in a doc what you envision your life to be. It could be in the form of writing a letter to yourself or in the form of a mission statement, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Create Some Goals and Visualize Achieving Them

The next step is to create some goals that you want to achieve in terms of increasing your income. Start with a goal that you want to achieve a year from now, then 6-months from now, 3-months, and then 1-month.

Visualize yourself achieving these goals every day for 6-months. According to John:

Visualization = Stimulation

After doing your visualization for the day, take 3 simple action steps that will help double or triple your income.

For example, I want to triple the revenue from my online business. I have set my goals as outlined above.

Today, I visualize achieving those goals. What would I feel like achieving them? What would I say? I have fun using my imagination and feeling what it would feel like.

After completing the  visualization, I start on my 3 simple action steps, which could include:

  • Writing a new blog post
  • Creating a new YouTube video
  • Doing some keyword research

It may seem daunting to visualize achieving your goals every day for 6-months. However, there are plenty of things that we do every day without giving it a second thought.

What it comes down to is creating a new habit. Remember that these strategies are for your benefit of achieving your overall goal of doubling or tripling your income.

Cognitive Programming

What does all of the visualization accomplish? John says it is cognitive programming. Every day that you visualize, you’re giving your brain instructions on what to focus on.

The practice of visualizing every day creates new neural patterns in the brain and soon you start to believe you can earn more and you start to feel the change from within.

Most importantly, you begin to act in alignment with your vision. Soon you change your perspective and what you believe is possible.

John states that our brain makes 100% certain that our outside world of results matches the internal map of reality and expectations. In essence, whatever you expect, your brain makes it a reality.

Similarities to Neville Goddard Teachings

The cognitive programming explanation above reminds me of the teachings of Neville Goddard. Neville taught a lot about using your imagination to create what you want in your life.

He says it is our subconscious mind that manifests the things that we imagine. I’ve experimented with imagination and manifesting. It does work when you put it into practice.

Therefore, I have no doubt that John’s strategies are no different. He simply approaches it from a scientific standpoint versus a metaphysical one.

Closing Thoughts

I’m going to implement the strategies above. It will be a challenge to stick with it for 6-months but I know after about 21 days or so, it will develop into a habit.

Anything that you truly desire will take time and effort to obtain. The key is having a plan of action put into place and sticking with it.

John Assaraf is an expert in mindset and behavior. I don’t doubt his strategies not only attribute to his own success but also to many of his students.

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