How I Overcame the Fear of Making Mistakes at Work

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I have held many jobs over the years and I’ve made plenty of mistakes at almost all of them. This is especially true as a new employee. I had a fear of making mistakes at work.

I even remember being called on my mobile phone on the drive home from work getting chewed out by my boss for a mistake I made on a client project. Not fun.

However, these are things we deal with when working for someone else. Everyone makes mistakes at work at some point. If you feel like you are making more mistakes and more often, I’ll share some tips to overcome the fear you may be feeling.

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Reasons You May Have Fear of Making Mistakes at Work

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There are many reasons that people may have a fear of making mistakes at work. Below are some reasons that you may relate to.

You Have a High-Stress Job

Some jobs are high in stress due to the type of jobs they are. Think of medical professions, law enforcement, or other fast-paced position.

Even some administrative jobs are high-stress. Whatever the type of job, stress can definitely make you fearful of making mistakes at work.

Fear of Losing Your Job

Another common reason for having fear of making mistakes has to do with a fear of possibly losing your job. The fear of loss can actually stress you out enough that it causes you to make mistakes.

This is often the case when starting a brand new job. You place pressure on yourself to do well so you can make it past the probationary period. Or if it was difficult for you to find a job at all, you have pressure to do everything you can to keep it.

Horrible Boss or Management

Sometimes the fear of making mistakes has to do with poor management or a difficult boss. You may feel the need to constantly prove your worth in your position which then leads to stress and making mistakes.

How I Worked Through My Fear

The first thing I had to do was understand that mistakes in the workplace are going to occur whether by me or others. Therefore, I had to realize that being hard on myself was unnecessary.

Another thing I had to do was assess my situation. What type of mistakes was I making? Could I ask someone for help in order to learn how to do the task correctly?

Lastly, mistakes at work are always beneficial in that you learn what not to do and how to do it correctly. These are common sense strategies but now I want to focus on a deeper issue when it comes to fear.

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Living in Constant Fear and Having Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are common issues that millions of people deal with on a daily basis.

This fear and anxiety can seep into other areas of our lives to include the workplace as that is where a majority of people spend their time.

I have greatly reduced my constant state of fear by learning who I am. What I mean by that is that most of us grow up believing that something is wrong with us.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you and there never was. When I came to terms with this, my world felt as if it changed in an instant.

We are the hardest on ourselves and that is due to our egos wanting to have us live in a constant state of fear. Your ego is always telling you that you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, and everything in between.

When I learned to stop believing the lies, I felt free and I still feel this freedom now. It is a journey and I work on myself every day through meditation.

Getting To Know and Really Love Yourself

Fear and doubt is often the result of past stories that we believe in. These stories may stem from childhood or even trauma you may have experienced as an adult.

For example, if you were always told to clean your plate as a child when it was dinner time, you likely still believe in that story as an adult.

You may even us that same story on your own children telling them that they must clean their plate before leaving the dinner table.

I didn’t even realize how much of my life was functioning from past stories. One of my favorite books is titled, There is Nothing Wrong With You: Going Beyond Self-Hate by Cheri Huber.

By reading that book (and I re-read it all the time), I learned that if what you are hearing whether internally or externally does not come from a place of love and compassion, it is a lie.

If I asked you, do you love yourself? Chances are you would say, “yes” or “of course.” Starting today, start paying attention to how you speak to yourself.

When you make a mistake or what you think is a mistake, do you immediately belittle yourself and feel guilty? That is self-hate and your ego wanting you to believe that you aren’t worthy.

Loving yourself means being compassionate with yourself. You are loved, you are worthy, and you are deserving.

Understand this and work on this everyday. That is true freedom because you are already everything that you need.

Treat yourself well every single day. Love yourself every day!

My Closing Thoughts On The Fear of Making Mistakes at Work

Be gentle with yourself. If you make a mistake at work, know that it is not the end of the world. Also know that you are likely being harder on yourself than need be.

I also recommend starting a meditation practice. Sit quietly daily and learn to listen to your inner voice. That inner voice is pure love and it will guide you.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You are worthy
  • There is nothing wrong with you
  • Love yourself
  • Be compassionate with yourself

I hope my experience has provided some help with what you are experiencing. We don’t have to live in fear.

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