Challenging Negative Beliefs and Creating Positive Ones

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We deal with negative beliefs all of the time. These negative beliefs often play a large role in the decisions we make in our lives. These beliefs hold us back from leveling up in all areas of our lives. It is time to begin challenging these negative beliefs and learn how to create positive ones.

In this post, I talk a bit about my own experiences with negative beliefs and how I have been overcoming these negative thought patterns. I also share a great video by John Assaraf that addresses challenging negative beliefs.

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Challenging Negative Beliefs – Where Do Negative Beliefs Come From?

When I ask myself this question, several answers come to mind. Negative beliefs are in our subconscious and they got there through various means.

I can attribute a lot of my negative beliefs to my parents and other family members. That is because these beliefs were cemented into my subconscious in my childhood.

It is no fault of my parents or other family members as they too have had their own negative beliefs based on what others have said to them. We only do what we know, right?

Many of my negative beliefs are based around the topics of money, love, and relationships.

For example, I used to believe that I could never make income outside of having a job. Fortunately, I did not hold to that belief but I still had several negative money beliefs for years.

Negative Beliefs Hold Us Back

I would say that my negative money beliefs are a bulk of what I’ve had to deal with in adulthood. These beliefs led to poor money management as well as capping myself on what I felt worthy of earning.

However, I’ve had negative beliefs in relationships as well. I spent over a decade in a relationship where there was no growth for either person. It made me complacent and increased my anxiety level.

Maybe you’re realizing some of the beliefs that are holding you back. I will share how I began overcoming them below.

How I Began Challenging Negative Beliefs

John Assaraf states that a belief is nothing more than a pattern that has been reinforced. When you begin to understand how beliefs are formed and what they are, you can begin challenging them.

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I had to write down the beliefs that I had about everything. When I did this, I was able to ask myself where these beliefs (past stories) came from. Did they even make sense to me today?

By doing this, I quickly realized that I was still making decisions from these beliefs and not realizing that I was doing so!

It blew me away that I was still believing some of the things that I did because they were beliefs set in my subconscious. I refer to these beliefs as past stories.

When I became aware of my past stories and stopped believing them, things changed for me immediately. I actually felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Even better, I started to realize that I didn’t know who I was because all of my decisions were based on those negative beliefs.

Be Kind to Yourself

Learning to love myself was key to dissolving my negative beliefs. I love who I am and I don’t push aside my feelings. I used to ignore my feelings. When I have feelings about anything, I address them with myself.

The way I do this is through meditation. I sit still and I pay attention to what my feelings are and love myself without judgement.

Paying attention to my feelings helps me to question the negative beliefs that may behind them. It is very freeing to be in-tune with your feeings.

Be Aware of Your Ego

Our egos like for us to hold on to our negative beliefs. When we get caught up in ego, we may place our identities in the negativity.

Ego is slippery and I still catch myself being caught up in my ego more often than not. Once you become aware of both ego and your past stories, you recognize ego faster which leads to less stress, anxiety, and worry.

When my ego gets going with negative thoughts, I go within and use positive self-talk. The negative thoughts are a lie. If what you hear (internal or external) is not from a place of love, it is not true.

Creating Positive Beliefs

We are wired to believe negative thoughts about ourselves. It is time to start creating positive beliefs. When you understand that your past stories are not true, it is easier to start creating new positive beliefs.

I do this by being loving and compassionate with myself. When negative thoughts arise, I challenge them with a positive thought.

That is as simple as saying kind words to myself. Positive self-talk is key! You mattering to yourself is the love that you need to start dissolving negative thoughts.

My Closing Thoughts On Challenging Negative Beliefs

We will always have negative beliefs come up in our lives. However, by becoming aware, recognizing where these beliefs come from, and loving ourselves on a daily basis, we can dissolve these beliefs faster.

It is ongoing work but the more you practice, the better that you become. You also get better at creating positive beliefs that will help you reach the goals that you want to achieve in your life.

The way I challenge my negative beliefs is through recognizing my past stories, meditating on my feelings, using positive self-talk, and most of all loving myself.

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