John Assaraf’s 4 Easy Steps to Achieve Any Goal You Set

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Setting goals is easy but achieving them comes with its challenges. I’ve picked up some extremely useful tips from a John Assaraf training video. He offers four steps to achieve any goal you set. I’ll break down what I’ve learned below.

According to John Assaraf’s free training, the four steps to achieve any goal include goals, strategies, tactics, and timelines. Mindset and emotions must also be mastered.

Learning these steps have got me fired up to establish some goals in the areas of finance and fitness. Like most people, I can come up with any number of goals but I fall off in accomplishing most of them without understanding why.

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How to Achieve Any Goal You Set

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How many times have you created new goals only to leave them on the back burner? I have done this more than I can count over the years.

Some goals I’ve powered through without any problem, while others I’ve struggled with and never accomplished.

Watching the below free training by John Assaraf has opened me up to creating goals in a whole new way. I will outline what I’ve learned as well as my plan moving forward.

Hopefully, you will gain some new insights on setting goals and achieving them as well.

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1. Setting Goals

I’m sure you’ve set plenty of goals. Goal setting is essential for moving towards the bigger vision for your life. A vision is different from a goal. You vision is how you see everything completed.

For example, what is your vision for your business? The vision for your life? Your relationships? Goals are what help you reach what you vision for the things in your life.

As for myself, I plan on setting some business and fitness goals using what is outlined in this post.

2. Strategies

According to John, strategies are the things you can do to achieve your goal. Ask how you can achieve the goals you’ve set. Here are some examples of strategies:

I want to create a passive income online of $4,000 per month.Create a niche website.
I want to reach my goal weight of 140 pounds.Eat a vegan diet and strength train.
I want to buy a townhome in the next 3 years.Improve credit score.

Don’t worry about how to approach your strategies just yet. That is in the next step below. For now, grab a pen and paper or create a new Google doc and list out your goals and the strategies you want to use to achieve them.

Performing this exercise alone was an eye-opener for me. I used to set a goal without a strategy to execute it. It is no wonder most of my goals have fallen to the wayside.

Now let’s move on to how to execute these strategies!

3. Tactics

John Assaraf does such an awesome job of explaining this process. In the training video above, he describes a tactic as a specific action item to achieve your strategy.

Here are some examples of tactics below:

Create a niche website.Do niche market research.
Eat a vegan diet and strength train.Cook vegan recipes and perform bodyweight exercises.
Improve credit score.Pay down consumer debt by paying extra on the monthly bills.

Breaking down my goals using these steps thus far has been a tremendous help. It makes such a difference to understand how strategies and tactics apply to your goal setting.

It already makes me feel as though I have a handle on achieving the goals that I set.

4. Timelines

One thing that John points out is that there is no such thing as time management. Essentially, the only thing that you can control are the things that you do in the time that you have.

What is the purpose of creating a timeline for your goals? Timelines make performing your tactics and strategies efficient.

Without setting a timeframe for your goals, it is all too easy to get caught up in our everyday tasks. Before we know it, our goals are pushed on the back burner again.

Bringing It All Together Mentally and Emotionally

The last thing that John touches on in this training is that the four steps above really won’t work if you do not master your mental and emotional game.

Meaning, you have to do some inner work so that executing the steps above will be consistent. Our inner work includes working on our mindset, attitude, beliefs, perceptions, habits, and emotions.

Two things he touches on include disempowering beliefs and fears. Without doing our inner work, these two things can hold us back.

Disempowering Beliefs

Disempowering beliefs are thoughts like, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t deserve it.” We’ve all that these types of limiting beliefs.


The fears that we often have, are fears of failing, fears of being embarrassed, or a fear of feeling ashamed. These types of fears hold us back more often than not.


To help get past disempowering beliefs and fears, John recommends reframing. What happens when we have a disempowering belief or fear is that our brain sees it as an absolute and makes them our behavior.

Reframing involves changing the wording of our disempowering beliefs and fears so that it opens us up to possibilities.

For example, if you have a belief such as “I’m not enough”, change your wording to “I used to think I wasn’t enough but now I’m working on feeling good enough.”

A fear thought example would be, “I fear being embarrassed” and you can reframe to “because I have this fear of embarrassment, I am going to move forward towards more confidence.”

My Plan Moving Forward

After learning about the steps above, my plan is to create a list of goals and pair them with strategies, tactics, and timelines. I will likely revisit these goals often to keep myself on track.

As for inner work, that is something I have been working on for a few months now. My practice involves meditation and being more aware of my thoughts and where they derive from.

I refer to this as dealing with my past stories (limiting beliefs). This practice has helped me to stop believing my past stories. I may recognize them during meditation but I do not judge my feelings.

Rather, I love myself no matter what. Truly loving yourself will make a difference in all areas of your life. This inner work is an ongoing journey. I work on it daily.

Closing Thoughts On How to Achieve Any Goal You Set

I hope that reading about these four steps to achieve any goal you set will help you with your own goal setting. John Assaraf explains it all in an easy to understand manner.

If you want to level up all areas of your life, consider watching John’s free on-demand training.

His training will teach you how to develop unstoppable confidence, beliefs, and habits to achieve your goals and live the life you want.


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